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We constantly research and review current evidence-based interventions to stay up-to-date on the most effective treatments available for your child. Below are just a few of the research articles guiding our practice.

Fine Motor Research

Effects of occupational therapy services on fine motor and functional performance in preschool children.

Visual and haptic perception training to improve handwriting skills in children with dysgraphia.

Defining occupational therapy interventions for children with fine motor and handwriting difficulties.

An examination of the effectiveness of handwriting without Tears® instruction.

Perceptual-motor function of school-age children with slow handwriting speed.

Gross Motor Research

Effectiveness of a physical activity intervention for a head start preschoolers: A randomized intervention study.

Getting the fundamentals of movement: A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of motor skill interventions in children.

The effectiveness of occupational therapy for children with developmental coordination disorder: A review of the qualitative literature.

Efficacy of interventions to improve motor performance in children with developmental coordination disorder: A combined systematic review and meta-analysis.

Sensory Integration Research

A systematic review of the research evidence examining the effectiveness of interventions using a sensory integrative approach for children.

A randomized controlled pilot study of the effectiveness of occupational therapy for children with sensory modulation disorder.

Efficacy of occupational therapy using Ayres Sensory Integration®: A systematic review.

A retrospective pre-post treatment study of occupational therapy intervention for children with sensory processing challenges.

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