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Building Interoception Skills

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Interoception allows you to perceive and understand the sensations inside your body. Kiddos who struggle with sensory processing may not know when they feel hot, cold, thirsty, tired, hungry, etc. which may make self-regulation more difficult.

Practice checking in with your child with a question like, 'is your heart beating slow or fast?'. They may or may not know the answer and that's okay. Now, challenge your child jump up and down or sprint for 1 minute and then ask them again, 'is your heart beating slow or fast?'. You could test their heart rate with a HR monitor and show them the difference or just let them notice the difference in feeling.

This exercise is one way to introduce your child to the relationship between bodily sensations and how they are affected by environment, activity, thoughts, emotions, etc.

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