"Lee-Anne was great about remote therapy! When everything shut down and my daughter was stuck at home, it was wonderful to have regular sessions with Lee-Anne to count on. I was so impressed at how she figured out how to make all the physical activities work over Zoom."

"She is both serious about her work while super accessible and fun for kids. She is innovative and well prepared for each session. Her observations, which she shares in regular notes are helpful and insightful."

"Lee-Anne is a great listener and observer. She finds the strengths in each child. Her parent consultations really help to connect home and therapy to the benefit of the child. I have learned so much about sensory needs from her!"

"[My son] does seem to be more fluid in his movements, stronger and able to focus a bit better which could be from maturity along with the therapy. He is also more sure of himself physically and a bit more aware of his body in space."

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