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Resources for OTs

Tools to Grow- Resources and activities for pediatric therapists organized by categories: interactive digital teletherapy technology, FM, literacy & communication, GM, sensory, VP, bilateral coordination, VMI, handwriting, EF, Self-care/life skills, caseload management, team collaboration, themes, social skills, fieldwork. Free printables of things like hand washing sequence visuals to cutting activities.

Teachers Pay Teachers - customizable search criteria. Many free and cheap resources for handwriting and printable schedules.

Pinterest board from Bright Path Therapy - categories include: sensory processing, GM, typing, hand strength, handwriting, cutting, PT, & OT.

The OT Toolbox - Resources for OTs for fine motor, sensory, vision, executive function, handwriting, functional skills

 Fine Motor

Therapy Street for Kids - skill areas with recommendations for specific areas of fine motor: strength, pincer grasp, hand arches, in-hand manipulation, thumb opposition, finger isolation, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, eye-hand coordination, upper body strength, pre-writing skills, handwriting, scissor skills, self-help, and sensory strategies.

Learn with my Fantastic Fingers - specific fine motor activities geared for preschool and kindergarteners.

Handwriting - My Way - youtube of videos of each of the letters of the alphabet

The TV Teacher - videos of each of the letters. You have to sign up for a free account.

EZ Origami - step-by-step instructions with video and captions.

Gross Motor

Go Noodle - my go-to movement activity for kids. They have dance tutorials, mindfulness, and exercise movements all designed for kids and teenagers. You have to sign up for a free account.


Sensory Processing

Sensational Brain - The BrainWorks program they developed is an amazing visual choice board for sensory processing based on altering, calming, or neutral activities.

Your Kids Table - A blog dedicated to very helpful strategies on getting your picky eaters eating healthy, sensory issues, tube feedings, social-emotional challenges, and parenting tips.

Sensory Seeds - These fast-forward YouTube videos showcase more than just sensory. There are also the fine motor, movement, and messy play.



Guidelines for OT & PT in CA Public Schools - Official document for the regulations in conducting OT & PT in a school setting.

OT School House Podcast - A podcast that is dedicated to the intricacies of school-based OT.


Parenting Challenging Behavior

Lemon Lime Adventures - Find out what time of behavior your child is having, Calm the Chaos workshop, community, printables, sensory starter kit, and blog.


Shop for OT supplies

Pocket Full of Therapy - website with categories in: seat cushions, writing, visual perception, critical thinking, motor planning, bilateral motor coordination, upper extremity stability, grasp, sensory, hand strength, early learning, oral motor, balls, keyboarding, books, tests, brain activities

Therapro - telehealth products, homeschool, evaluations, positioning, fine motor, gross motor, strength, oral motor, sensory-motor, visual perception, speech & language, early learning, assistive technology, life skills, and activities of daily living.

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