group Occupational Therapy

​​ What does GROUP OT look like?

  • After the initial consultation and 3-4 individual sessions with the child to determine their goals, strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth, your child will be welcome to participate in group occupational therapy with 1-3 other children.

  • Group Treatment - 1 hour sessions:

    • 45 minutes of Group Occupational Therapy with OT and 2-4 children (occasionally I have an intern, student, and/or volunteer to assist). 

    • 15 minutes of 1:1 with OT and parent/caregiver/educator. This can be conducted through email or phone after each session. 

  • Group therapy sessions usually consist of between 2-4 children who are performing the same or similar activities and are supervised by a therapist and/or an assistant. Children who are not receiving OT services, but who benefit from time spent outdoors with other children, may also participate.

  • Re-evaluation process: check-in on goal progression, review and revise goals as needed. Re-evaluation is an on-going process with the parent/caregiver/educator as needed, typically once every month or two. 


  • Group occupational therapy may benefit children by providing social interaction.

  • In a group setting, children can communicate their ideas with each other and problem solve motor activities.

  • Groups are designed to be appropriate for each child and targeted to meet each child’s individual goals.

  • Group therapy facilitates the development of social skills, sensory processing skills, motor skills, and attention.


Do you take insurance?


Oak Bloom OT is considered “out of network” for most insurance companies. We will provide an invoice for you once a month that you will have a month to pay. The invoice will include billing codes for your insurance company along with my TAX ID number. You can submit the invoice for reimbursement depending on your insurance.